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Harmful Effects of Cocaine: What It Does to Your Mind & Body


Cocaine (C17H21NO4) is a powerfully addictive and psychoactive drug that nearly 5 million Americans use regularly. Often used as a recreational drug, cocaine sends high dopamine levels to the parts of your brain that control pleasure. However, cocaine has severe health consequences, both mental and physical. In fact, cocaine caused 1 in 5 drug overdose […]

5 Ways to Control Destructive Behavior

Destructive Behavior

Almost everyone has indulged in some form of destructive behavior in their lives. Sometimes such behaviors are temporary and don’t cause you to harm in the long run. However, when they become a habit, they can have significant physical and emotional consequences. Also, self-destructive behaviors are far more drastic for people in recovery as they […]

5 Effective Ways to Fight Addiction Relapses

group counseling

Addiction is a chronic disease that changes the brain’s structure in the presence of addictive substances like (heroin, meth, and cocaine). The changes push the brain into a mode where it constantly craves those substances. That’s why substance addiction is a never-ending race, and you have to constantly run against the odds. Relapses are the […]

How Group Counseling can Help Overcome Addiction

Group Counseling

Overcoming substance addiction of any kind is a lifelong battle. Studies show that addiction is quite similar to chronic diseases like Type II diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, which means genetics and environmental factors play a vital role. Due to this reason, people with addiction are prone to relapse and require more than medicines to […]

5 Myths About Substance Abuse Treatment

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Substance Use Disorders, also known as addiction, are a severe problem across the United States. Nearly 21 million Americans have at least one substance use disorder, yet only 10% of them receive treatment. Overdose cases have tripled in the past decade. However, many people fear seeking out treatment options because of widespread misconceptions. Here we […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Rehab Center

Doctor holding patient's hand. Rehabilitation and recovery from substance abuse. Complete Healthcare and Addition. A COMPREHENSIVE PROVIDER FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT

Over 840,000 Americans have died due to drug overdoses since the year 2000. Substance abuse is a severe and chronic issue for many individuals in the United States, regardless of age, gender, and other demographics. Active substance abuse can make life unbearably difficult for the addicted person and their loved ones. Addiction treatment centers can […]