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Vivitrol Treatment Program

(*Before starting VIVITROL, you must be opioid-free for a minimum of 7 to 14 days to avoid sudden opioid withdrawal.)

Vivitrol blocks the effect of opioid pain medication and heroin.  Vivitrol is injected on a scheduled basis to control cravings.  It works to stop euphoria and sedation of the central nervous system that depressants like alcohol and opioids cause.  It binds to receptors and stays in your system for a long period of time.  Vivitrol will prevent a “high” if you use the substance.  

Cravings are reduced for alcohol when taking Vivitrol. However, Vivitrol will produce a “sick” feeling if you ingest alcohol while on the Vivitrol Treatment Program.  The drive to drink depletes and disappears because there are no longer perceived benefit signals by the brain.

Vivitrol, approved by the FDA for opioid addictions, directly blocks opioid drugs from binding to receptors in the brain.  If an opioid is used while on Vivitrol, withdrawal symptoms will worsen.  Reactions to Vivitrol and opioid withdrawal vary from person to person and can sometimes be severe. Results from treatment may vary as well.

Our vivitrol doctors offer treatment plans consisting of close monitoring, behavior counseling, group and individual support, and drug therapy.  Our friendly and supportive medical team work to devise a safe and effective plan that caters to your individual struggle with addiction. Complete Healthcare teaches you how to recognize destructive behavior and acknowledge and understand the root behind your addiction.

Our thorough outpatient drug rehab program provides the necessary after care services, such as a sober living environment, to help those in recovery transition back into their lives, drug free.  Addiction relapses are quite common, particularly among those struggling with opiate addiction, and only a full-fledged treatment program like ours can provide lasting recovery. For more information about treatment, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Milroy J. Samuel.

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